The most popular materials for the construction of modern buildings and structures are concrete and reinforced concrete. Monolithic structures are characterized by high efficiency and durability of structures. These buildings can withstand heavy loads, seismic fluctuations and the influence of external factors. But these objects also require a responsible attitude to waterproofing. Waterproofing of cold joints, like any waterproofing, is designed to protect structural elements from the destructive effects of water. The materials presented by our company are the materials of a new generation. They solve the problems of sealing working joints in monolithic construction. Bentonite waterproofing is a successful solution for industrial and civil construction. The unique physical properties of bentonite clay allow you to use products based on it in almost any conditions. Coming into contact with water, betnonite clay swells and increases in volume, forming a strong and elastic layer that completely blocks the further passage of moisture. Bentonite waterproofing is a long-lasting solution for all types of aboveground and underground structures, which does not lose its properties during many years of operation of the structures.