Hydrophilic acrylic cord Hydroflex 10/20

Polymer swelling cord based on acrylic

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HYDROFLEX 10/20 cord based on acrylic, swells when in contact with water. This cord is used in the construction of swimming pools, water tanks, sewage treatment plants, structural seams of buildings, joints of the wall with the foundation of the building, sealing of communication passages through the walls of the foundation, on PVC pipes of input and output as a water-repellent flange. It is also used to seal areas exposed to seawater. The features and advantages of this material are easy installation, universal use and the fact that swelling occurs in a controlled state. The cord does not damage concrete when it swells, it is resistant to salt water and various chemicals.


  • Swimming pools
  • Water tanks
  • Sewage treatment plants
  • Structural seams of buildings
  • Joints of the wall with the foundation of the building
  • Sealing of communication passages through foundation walls
  • On PVC pipes used as a water-repellent flange
  • It is used for sealing areas exposed to seawater

Features and Benefits:

  • Easy installation
  • Universal application
  • Swelling occurs in a controlled state. Does not damage concrete when swollen
  • Resistant to salt water and various chemicals
  • After installation, the surface must be protected from moisture before pouring concrete
  • Do not use for expansion joints
  • Do not mount at elevated water levels
  • Acrylic polymer – 60%
  • Chloroprene rubber – 35%
  • Additives – 5%
  • Bays of 10m.


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