Waterproofing tape Hydroflex 121/70 mm, 50 m.p.

Tape for waterproofing deformation seams and cracks on a textile basis

from 2 370,00
from 2 370,00 uah

HYDROFLEX 121/70 mm waterproofing tape is an elastic material based on thermoplastic elastomer (TEP). The membrane is designed for waterproofing expansion joints and cracks in buildings, as well as for waterproofing basements, underground structures, tunnels, vents, hydraulic structures and swimming pools.A specially developed formula allows for high adhesion to both dry and wet concrete surfaces. The HYDROFLEX membrane is resistant to the effects of the root system of plants and aggressive substances of the chemical industry (fuel oil and technical oils). The HYDROFLEX membrane is available with perforation at the edges of the membrane, 121/70 mm wide


  • the system is resistant to positive and negative pressure
  • possibility of laying on wet surfaces
  • high chemical resistance
  • wear resistance
  • does not require additional mechanical fastening at the edges
  • operating ambient temperature from -40From up to 90C
  • compatible with bitumen
  • resistance to UV radiation (used on high-rise construction sites)

Hydroflex 121/70 mm thermoplastic tape with high elasticity is used for sealing expansion joints and cracks. The assortment includes perforated and non-perforated tape, 121/70 mm wide.

Scope of application:

  • Horizontal and vertical seams.
  • Underground structures, basements and semi-basements, blind spots.
  • Hydraulic structures designed for wastewater treatment, reservoirs for drinking and household water and swimming pools.
  • Tunnels and ventilation openings.
  • For waterproofing cold joints.

Main advantages:

  • Easy to apply with epoxy glue.
  • The uniqueness of the chemical composition ensures high elasticity (600%).
  • High adhesion to dry and wet concrete.
  • It is not damaged by plant roots.
  • Resistance to aggressive effects of ozone, fuel oil and oil.
  • Adaptation to use in a wide temperature range.
  • The possibility of connecting two bands by means of thermal exposure. 

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