Membrane HEAT Hydroflex400\1.5 мм

For sealing expansion joints and cracks

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HYDROFLEX waterproofing tape is an elastic material based on thermoplastic elastomer (TEP). The membrane is designed for waterproofing deformation joints and cracks in buildings, as well as for waterproofing basements, underground structures, tunnels, vents, hydraulic structures and swimming pools.A specially developed formula allows for high adhesion to both dry and wet concrete surfaces. The HYDROFLEX membrane is resistant to the effects of the root system of plants and aggressive substances of the chemical industry (fuel oil and technical oils). The HYDROFLEX membrane is available with perforation at the edges of the membrane, with a thickness of 1 to 2 mm in rolls of 5 meters, with widths of 150, 200, 250, 300 and 400 mm.


  • deformation seams in floors, ceilings, walls
  • expansion joints separating detached sections of buildings
  • when arranging deformation joints in conjunction with profile systems of TM "ARFEN"
  • cold and working seams
  • joints of precast concrete structures


  • the system is resistant to positive and negative pressure
  • the possibility of laying on wet surfaces
  • high chemical resistance
  • wear resistance
  • it does not require additional mechanical fastening at the edges
  • Ambient operating temperature from -40From up to 90C
  • compatible with bitumen
  • UV resistance (used in high-rise buildings)

Chemical composition : TEP (thermoplastic elastomer)

Colour : Light Grey

Shore hardness : A 80

Operating temperature : -40/ 90

Heater temperature : 270 C

Elongation to failure : 600%

Tensile strength : N/cm >600 N/cm

Resistance to hydraulic pressure bar : >8 bar

Tensile strength : MPa >6 MPa

UV resistance : 7500 h

Bitumen resistance : Good

Sulfuric acid resistance : Good

Alcohol resistance : Good

Detergent resistance : Good

Bay : 5 m.p.

What should I pay attention to when preparing the mixture?

1. The mixture is prepared immediately before use and should be used within 30 minutes.

2. Do not leave the mixture in the container for more than 5 minutes after the end of mixing.

3. During application, the temperature of the substrate and the environment must be within 5 - 30 °C.

The lifetime and processing time of artificial resins depends on the humidity of the base and the ambient temperature: at low temperatures, the lifetime of the finished composition increases, and conversely, high temperatures accelerate the reaction

What is the consumption of Hydroflex - 21?

Consumption: Hydroflex 21 - 1.6 kg /1 sq.m. per 1 mm layer, the specified material consumption rate is designed for a flat surface and a temperature from 15 to 25 ° C. At lower base temperatures, the consumption may increase and the curing time may increase. 

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