Water-based bitumen-polymer mastic Izoplast 2K-W, 32 kg

Product code: 0308

Bitumen-polymer two-component water-based emulsion for waterproofing roofs, foundations, as well as for gluing thermal insulation boards (32 kg)

4088 uah

Izoplast 2K-W is a water–based bitumen-polymer emulsion modified with a synthetic polymer for applying thick-layer elastic water-repellent coatings.


  • To perform thick-layer waterproofing, interlayer waterproofing for monolithic screeds
  • In rooms with high humidity, balconies and terraces
  • For gluing insulation boards (EPS, XPS), rolled materials for thermal and waterproofing

Advantages of the material:

  • Ready to use
  • It has high adhesion
  • Suitable for all types of horizontal and vertical surfaces
  • Suitable for protecting foundations and other underground parts of buildings
  • Does not contain harmful substances
  • May be in contact with drinking water
  • It has excellent penetrating properties
  • Can be used on wet surfaces
  • Protects building elements from the effects of aggressive substances

Surface preparation:

Before applying the material, the surface must be cleaned of dirt, dust, oils and other substances that interfere with adhesion.

It is necessary to use Izoplast 2K-W on fresh concrete surfaces after the end of the concrete drying period.

Preparation of the material:

Mix the material thoroughly before use.
To be used as a primer, Izoplast 2K-W must be diluted with clean water in a ratio of 1:1.

Application of the material:

IZOPLAST 2K-W is applied to a pre-primed surface with a smooth trowel or a notched trowel.

The next layer should be applied after the previous one has completely dried. The drying time depends on the temperature and humidity of the environment and the substrate (about 8 hours). Complete drying – after about 3 days.

Recommendations for use, storage and transportation:

  • Mix well before use
  • Store and transport at a temperature not lower than 5°C,
  • Follow the weather conditions according to the instructions
  • Read the product safety data sheet before use


Water-based bitumen-polymer emulsion


32 l (2 components)

Full drying time

3 days

Time between application of layers

8 hours

Life time of the mixture

1 hour

Consumption (next layers)

0.15-0.35 l/m2

Application temperature

from +5 to +35 °C



Type of water pressure

Execution method

Minimum dry layer thickness

Average consumption

"srednegoo" type

1 layer

2 mm

~ 2.5 kg / m2

Waterproofing of the "complex" type

2 layers

4 mm

~ 4.5 kg / m2

"complex" type
Water under pressure (underground water, depth ≤7m)

2 layers tech. textile

4 mm

~ 4.5 kg / m2

Izoplast 2K-W – битумно-полимерная высокоэластичная масса  на водной основе, для устройства долговечной и надежной гидроизоляции зданий и сооружений.


  • Водорастворимый, без органических растворителей
  • Для наружного и внутреннего применения, в том числе контактирующих с питьевой водой
  • Для любых минеральных поверхностей
  • Для применения на сухих и слегка влажных поверхностях
  • Готова к применению, не имеет запаха
  • Устойчивость к воздействию сильных агрессивных веществ
  • Имеет высокую эластичность
  • Сохраняет изолирующие свойства при появлении трещин в конструкциях
  • Легко применять как на горизонтальных, так и на вертикальных поверхностях

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