Mastic bitumen-aluminum Izoplast Silver for roof protection, silver, 5 l

Emulsion with aluminum pigment to protect the roof from moisture, corrosion and UV radiation (5 l.)

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from 1 572,00 uah

Izoplast Silver bitumen-aluminum emulsion is modified with a polymer to protect the roof from moisture, corrosion and UV radiation.

Features and Benefits:

  • Gives the surface reflective properties
  • Forms an elastic protective coating
  • Reduces the temperature of the roof surface
  • Resistant to weak acids, salts and precipitation
  • Gives the surface a decorative appearance

Instructions for useSurface preparation:

The surface to be treated must be cleaned of dirt, dust and other contaminants.

The base must be dry. Before applying the bitumen mass to the surface to be repaired (the old waterproofing layer), the base should be dust-free with Izoplast R primer, and the metal elements should be cleaned of rust. On the roofing material roof, eliminate all contamination, loosely adjacent parts. All existing swellings should be removed by incising them crosswise, then they need to be repaired / glued. The surface treated with bitumen and/or emulsion must be allowed to dry until the water or solvent has completely evaporated.


Before using Izoplast Silver, it is necessary to mix thoroughly.

During the work, it is necessary to mix the mass periodically so that aluminum particles do not settle to the bottom of the container. The emulsion can be applied with a brush, roller or brush, in one or 2 layers.



Shelf life

12 months in closed original packaging


Metal bucket 5 l




0.15-0.25 kg/m2 (per 1 mm layer)


6 hours

Complete drying

12 hours

Application temperature

+ 5 °C  - + 35 °C 

Storage temperature

+ 5 °C  - + 35 °C


Izoplast Silver - битумно-алюминиевая эмульсия, модифицырована полимером  для  защиты кровли от влаги, корозии и воздействия УФ-излучения.


  • Защита мастичных кровель и битумной гидроизоляции от воздействия ультрафиолетового излучения и нагрева поверхности
  • Восстановление защитного слоя на старых рубероидных и битумных покрытиях
  • Защита металлической кровли от коррозии
  • Гидроизоляция битумных гонтов, искусственного шифера, оцинкованной и лакированной жести, толя
  • Декоративная гидроизоляция кровли

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