The construction of monolithic buildings made of concrete is widely used all over the world. Concrete and reinforced concrete are the most popular materials for the construction of modern buildings. Together, concrete and rebar create a solid foundation. Monolithic structures are characterized by high efficiency and durability of structures. But how long a reinforced concrete structure will last depends both on the quality of the components and on external factors, such as the destructive power of water and moisture, weather conditions, climatic features in different regions. These buildings can withstand heavy loads, seismic fluctuations and the action of external factors, therefore they require a responsible attitude to waterproofing.

Our company specializes in providing materials for waterproofing in monolithic structures made of concrete and reinforced concrete. Waterproofing plays an important role in protecting building structures from moisture, water, and other external factors that can affect their durability and strength.

The use of such modern materials for waterproofing can significantly increase the service life and strength of concrete and reinforced concrete structures, making them more resistant to external influences. This is important, especially in construction, where durability and reliability play a crucial role.

The materials presented by our company in this section are materials of a new generation.

Bentonite waterproofing of own production is a successful solution for industrial and civil construction. Bentonite cord with a cross section of 5x20mm, 10x20mm, 15x25mm, 20x30mm and round d-22 in combination with a fastening mesh is an ideal reliable option for waterproofing cold joints.Bentonite waterproofing with bentonite cord and fastening mesh provides a reliable method of waterproofing cold joints. Bentonite is a material that is able to expand upon contact with water, creating a sealed barrier against water and moisture.

ProElast EPDM membranes are a ready–made option for external sealing of seams and joints at construction sites.These membranes provide a ready-made option for external sealing of seams and joints at construction sites. EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) is a synthetic rubber that has excellent environmental and moisture resistance properties. The ProElast system consists of a high-quality EPDM membrane ProElast and a universal one-component adhesive sealant InnoElast.

HYDROFLEX 10/20 cord for use in the construction of swimming pools, water tanks, sewage treatment plants, as well as for expansion joints. They help to ensure the tightness and durability of waterproof structures.

Hydroflex membrane is a thermoplastic tape for horizontal and vertical expansion joints.

The use of our products will positively affect the durability and strength of your concrete structure.

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Bitumen-rubber primer on Izoplast R solvent, 20 kg ADW

Bitumen-rubber primer on Izoplast R solvent, 20 kg ADW

Bitumen primer based on organic solvents for priming any mineral surfaces, creating light waterproofing, protecting metal and wooden elements from corrosion and environmental influences