Two-component Waterstop 2K membrane

Two-component liquid waterproofing membrane for application on concrete, metal, wooden surfaces

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Waterstop 2K is a two-component membrane, a cold-applied and cold-cured material. Solvent-free. It has an elastic structure, resistant to UV and abrasion. It is applied to surfaces such as concrete, metal, wooden surfaces (in combination with an appropriate primer).

Application:Concrete tanks, including tanks with drinking water

  • Reservoirs, underground water structures
  • Areas with constant exposure to water
  • Foundations bearing walls
  • Fuel-affected areas
  • Terraces and balconies
  • "Light" roofs made of metal or fibrolite
  • Floors with heavy pedestrian load
  • Floors of semi-intensive loading of transport

Advantages:Elastic structure

  • Self-leveling material
  • Excellent adhesive properties
  • Resistant to constant exposure to water and frost
  • Retains its physical properties in the temperature range from – 30ºC to 90ºC
  • Resistant to UV and color fading
  • Resistant to chemicals (solvents, oils, sea water, weak acids and sulfates)
  • Vapor permeable, allowing the surface to "breathe"
  • Does not contain solvents
  • May come into contact with drinking water
  • After drying, it does not contain toxic substances
  • Can be used indoors
  • Cold-applied material. It is applied using a roller, brush or airless spray device.


rel. humidity 55%)




Component A: Waterstop Component B: Hardener



white, gray, green, blue, all colors according to the RAL scale

Mixing proportions:
Comp.A : Comp. B



5 : 1

Density of the finished mixture

gr/cm 3ASTM D1425/ DIN 53217/ ISO 2811


1.40 ± 0.05

Dry residue




Working hours



35 - 40

Ready for light pedestrian loads



8 - 12

Operating temperature



5ºC -  35ºC


Shore A

ASTM D2240/ DIN 53505/ ISO R868


How to prepare the foundation?

The surface of the base should be dry and clean, without damage, traces of oil, paraffin, grease, etc. Surface defects, such as cracks, should be eliminated using suitable products. ADMIX WATERSTOP 2K is applied to a pre-primed surface.

Concrete base requirements (standard):

Hardness R28 – 15 MPa
Temperature — 5°C- 35 °C
Relative humidity —<85 %

How to prepare the material?

To obtain a homogeneous mass, the temperature of the material must be at least 15 ° C. Mix component A with a mixer, then gradually pour in the hardener (Component B) according to the mixing proportions. Mix the resulting mixture for 3 minutes using a low-speed mixer until smooth.

How is the material applied?

  • ADMIX WATERSTOP 2K is applied using a roller, brush or airless spray device.
  • The time between layers should be a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 24 hours (at an air temperature of 23 ° C). If the interlayer time is exceeded, the surface should be sanded. Try not to exceed the time of interlayer application.
  • The material acquires full mechanical and chemical properties after 7 days (at an air temperature of 23 °C and a relative humidity of 55%).
  • Do not allow bubbles to appear during the application of the material. If they occur, remove the bubbles with a needle roller.
  • Place the container with the material in a warm room (room temperature) 24 hours before application.
  • Mix the material only with a low-speed mixer.
  • ADMIX WATERSTOP is completely ready for use and does not require dilution.
  • After applying the material and before it dries, the surface must be protected from rain, water, frost, mechanical impact, etc.
  • The time of interlayer application is 4-24 hours. Please note that the time may increase in cold weather and decrease in warm weather

What is the material consumption?

1.4 kg/m2 in one layer with a thickness of 1 mm.
The total consumption is 2.8 kg/m2 (minimum).

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