Bitumen-rubber mastic on Izoplast B solvent, 24 kg ADW

Product code: 0279

Bitumen mastic with high penetrating properties for waterproofing roofs, foundations, concrete rings, pumping stations, screeds, fences, columns and supports, 24 kg

2736 uah

Izoplast B is a bitumen mastic with special additives and high penetrating properties, based on an organic solvent. To create highly resistant waterproofing coatings.


Waterproofing of pipes and sewer wells, concrete rings, pumping stations
Waterproofing of concrete foundations — foundations, screeds, fences, columns and supports
Seamless waterproofing of vertical and horizontal surfaces
Waterproofing with high resistance to aggressive environment
Roof preservation and waterproofing


Easy to use
Covers all microcracks in the base
For industrial and residential construction
For roofing of any slope
Resistance to weak acids and salts

Instructions for use:

Mix before use. Apply the mass with a roofing brush or brush. Apply the next layer after the previous one has completely dried. The waiting time before laying the second layer of IZOPLAST B waterproofing compound is about 8 hours. To increase the adhesion of the material to the surface, use IZOPLAST R primer as a primer layer. For waterproofing foundations and other underground parts of the building: apply 2-3 layers on a dry primed concrete surface, depending on the expected water load. To restore and arrange a seamless waterproofing coating of roofs: apply at least 2 layers of emulsion on the prepared base. To increase the service life of the finished coating, a mineral crumb must be applied to the fresh finishing layer of the emulsion.

Application Notes / Restrictions:

Store in tightly closed original packaging, inaccessible to children, protected from direct sunlight, from heat sources and open flames. It can be transported by any type of transport. Work with IZOPLAST should be carried out in windless weather without precipitation at ambient temperatures from 5 ° C to 25 ° C.

When performing work, observe the safety rules when working with organic solvents, the use of effective ventilation and masks with an organic vapor absorber.

In case of poisoning, provide the victim with fresh air, provide first aid, call a doctor.
Do not use IZOPLAST B inside residential and public buildings, as well as in other premises intended for permanent residence and the presence of people. The material must not come into direct contact with food or drinking water.
The product is flammable. Irritates eyes and skin. Vapours can cause feelings of drowsiness and dizziness. Do not inhale vapours. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Use only in well-ventilated areas.

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