Lime substitute ZAP-3 PROTEX

100% Lime substitute for plaster and masonry solutions

5 l
98 UAH
Wholesale price 95 UAH from 20 5 l

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Lime substitute ZAP-3 PROTEX is an additive for the manufacture of cement-sand mortars, which are used during plastering and masonry work in the summer, slowing down and regulating the hardening of concrete. The main properties of the additive: allows you to work at ambient temperatures up to 40C; increases the adhesion of the fresh solution with the base; it has good adhesion to brick, concrete blocks; plasticizing the solution, makes it thixotropic, convenient for transportation; slowing down the setting of the solution:

  • significantly increases the strength of plaster and brickwork by reducing the water-cement ratio
  • increases the frost resistance of plaster after curing
  • significantly reduces or completely eliminates the appearance of efflorescence on the surface of plaster and brick
  • does not cause metal corrosion


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