The "Everything for decoration" category of our Protex-S website offers a wide range of modern materials for decorative finishing in monolithic and industrial construction. We specialize in the production and supply of high-quality, reliable and aesthetically attractive materials that allow you to give your objects a unique and modern appearance. The main functions of products from the "Everything for decoration" category are:

1. Decorative finishing: Our company offers a wide range of materials that will help create a unique design of your object. Finishing coatings, facade panels, decorative elements and other products are presented in various colors, textures and styles, allowing you to implement any design solutions.

2. Protective coating: Our materials not only decorate, but also protect your object from aggressive environmental influences. Excellent resistance to mechanical damage, increased resistance to moisture and UV radiation ensure durability and maintain an attractive appearance for many years.

3. Easy installation and maintenance: Our materials are designed to meet the needs of modern builders and designers. Ease of installation, self-leveling property, ease of maintenance allow you to save time and resources during installation and subsequent maintenance.

4. Environmental safety: We pay attention to the environmental safety of our materials. They do not contain harmful substances, do not emit toxic fumes and do not pollute the environment. When using our materials, you can be sure that you are creating a safe and healthy environment for living and working.

The scope of application of products from the category "Everything for decoration" is very wide. They can be used for finishing facades of buildings, interior decoration, creating decorative elements and many other purposes. Our materials have found application in residential, commercial and public projects, allowing you to create unique and prestigious objects. Choosing the "Everything for decoration" category on the Protek-S website, you get not only the widest selection of high-quality materials, but also professional advice from our specialists who will help you make the best choice and implement your design and construction ideas. Order now and transform your facility in the shortest possible time!

Favorable price from the manufacturer: you can buy any volume from us at the best price without retail margins and additional costs, which are included in the cost of imported products.

Quality control: we control the quality at all stages of production, because we value the trust of our customers and our reputation.

Always available: Since we produce products independently, we can ensure availability in stock in any quantity or provide the volumes you need in production.

Assistance to Ukraine and the Armed Forces: we work only officially, pay all taxes and actively help the APU. That is, by buying from us, you are taking part in the restoration of the Ukrainian economy and helping our Armed Forces.

Environmental friendliness: We produce retainers for fittings from recyclable materials — recycled plastic, thus reducing the negative impact on the environment.

We invite builders and dealers to cooperate, because we have excellent conditions and prices from the manufacturer.
Always in stock, as well as a large assortment of materials that will be useful in construction together with rebar retainers.

Corner fender CG 50

Corner fender CG 50

Vinyl corner bump protection of corners from impacts

Elastic PVC plinth PS10010, 25 m.p.

Elastic PVC plinth PS10010, 25 m.p.

Elastic PVC skirting board for the output of the floor covering on the wall, height 100 mm, width 10 mm, bay 25 m

Handrail DC 140

Handrail DC 140

Wall protection bump with handrail function for stationary polyclinics