Corner fender CG 50

Vinyl corner bump protection of corners from impacts

from 554,40
from 1 663,20 uah


  • Determine the height point of the protective element for the angle.
  • By default, ARFEN supplies 3-meter vinyl and aluminum elements, so it is enough to cut both the frame and the vinyl once, and we get two ready-made elements of 1.5 m each to protect two corners. As a rule, protection of corners is not needed above 1.5 m. Note: Cut clearly at 90 degrees.
  • Cut the aluminum profile to size.
  • When installing on drywall walls and bricks, drill holes first in aluminum, and then through the profile in the wall.
  • Either mount the frame above the baseboard, taking into account the thickness of the lower plug, or mount the protective frame from the floor itself, tearing the baseboard at the corner. In the latter case, the lower plug is not required; Drywall: 4x50 mm self-tapping screw, mounted in the profile of drywall. Concrete wall: 4x50 mm self-tapping screw and 6 mm dowel. Brick: 4x50 mm self-tapping screw and 6 mm dowel. Install the plugs.
  • Measure and cut off the vinyl lining so that it fits snugly to the plug. Note: Without a bottom plug, the aluminum should fit snugly to the floor so that the vinyl lining does not come down.
  • Install vinyl on an aluminum frame. Important: Store materials in a clean and dry room at a temperature between 10 °C - 40 °C.

Note: This model is equipped with only the final elements.

Corner bump

Size: 50x50 mmFooting:

aluminum profile

Profile length: 3 m

With this profile, plugs, external and internal corners, accessories are additionally sold.

Model Profile length Profile width Profile thickness Angle degree Number of shock-absorbing inserts The final element Number of possible colors


3 m

50x50 mm 10 mm 90° - WG012 5 colors* CG51
  3 m 53.6x53.6 mm 12 mm 90° - WG037 5 colors*
CG76 3 m 76x76 mm 10 mm 90° - WG008 5 colors*
CG76A 3 m 76x76 mm 10 mm 135° - WG009 5 colors*

Угловой отбойник виниловый, отличная бюджетная защита углов от ударов. Данный отбойник подойдет в любое помещение, где нет каталок. Отличное решение для защиты углов в приёмных, офисах, кабинетах и любых проходных зонах. А также за счёт своих антибактериальных характеристик, данные  отбойники подойдут для медицинских центров и это идеальный выбор защиты углов от износа внутренней отделки. 


Виниловый профиль - 2 мм
Алюминиевый профиль

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