Corner fender CG 50B

Finishing corner, corner protection system

from 260,00
from 780,00 uah


  • Determine the height of the corner bump.
  • If you need to trim the bump, use a mounting saw or a construction knife and a metal ruler (square).
  • Make sure the wall is dry and clean.
  • Remove all the irregularities of the wall, for best results.
  • Before applying the adhesive, wipe both sides of the bump to make sure that there is no dust and dirt on the surfaces.
  • Apply the glue only to the wall surface, use a D2 or B3 spatula to distribute the glue. It is recommended to use a water-based contact adhesive (KIILTO EXTRA, DENLAKS TK-580). Consumption of 300-350 g of glue for each 1 m2.
  • Allow the glue to harden, under normal conditions it will take from 10 to 15 minutes. However, the duration of curing depends on temperature and humidity.
  • Important: Read the specification of the adhesive or other adhesives before applying.
  • Place the bump sheet on the wall, align and press it in place manually.
  • Roll up the bump strip using a pressure roller. Start rolling in the center of the sheet and move towards the edges. After installation, remove excess glue.

Note: This model does not have any accessories in the package.

Corner bump

Size: 50x50 mm

Profile length: 3 m

Model Profile length Profile width Profile thickness Number of shock-absorbing inserts Left plug The plug is right External angle Inner corner Number of possible colors
CG 50B3 m.p. 50x50 mm 2 mm - - - - - 5 colors* CG 76B
  3 m.p. 76x76 mm 2 mm - - - - -  

* the entire color palette consists of 32 colors and is available when ordering from 300 m.p. of each item

Угловой отбойник виниловый, отличная бюджетная защита углов от ударов. Данный отбойник подойдет в любое помещение, где нет каталок. Отличное решение для защиты углов в приёмных, офисах, кабинетах и любых проходных зонах. А также за счёт своих антибактериальных характеристик, данные  отбойники подойдут для медицинских центров и это идеальный выбор защиты углов от износа внутренней отделки. 


Виниловый профиль -  толщина1,5 мм

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