Vinyl wall protection against impacts and scratches WG 304 mm width, length 4 r.m., white

White vinyl (color No. 20) to protect the walls from chairs, bumps, scratches. Vinyl height 300 mm, length 4 meters, thickness 2 mm. It is used in hospitals, schools, offices, warehouses, polyclinics and any other medical institutions.

from 2630.4
from 2630.4 uah

Get rid of problems with damaged walls and doors with a new solution from Budlea — WG 304 mm wide and 4 meters long protective panels. This product, made in a neutral white color, not only provides strong protection, but also visually improves the space.

The design of the WG 304 panels is such that they can be easily installed even in the most confined spaces. The surface of these panels repels dirt and dust, making it easier to care for and increasing the service life. Resistance to friction and impact provides additional protection in places with high traffic, such as offices or medical facilities.

In addition to the walls, these universal panels are also suitable for protecting doors from damage and scratches. For maximum functionality, we recommend supplementing them with corner pads such as CG50B and CG76B, which will add additional strength and style.

Combining accessibility, durability and elegant design, the WG 304 panels from Arfen are an investment in the comfort and safety of your interior. Protect and improve your space now!

The general advantages of Arfen WG 304 are:

  • High protection against bumps and scratches, ensuring the durability of your interior.
  • The narrow profile of the panels allows them to be installed in narrow rooms.
  • Excellent protection of walls from the friction of chairs and other furniture items.
  • The possibility of using panels to protect doors and get rid of the problem of scratched doors in public places.
  • Dirt-repellent properties that ensure easy maintenance of the panels and their long service life.
  • Compact and budget solutions for interior protection.
  • The ability to install corner protective pads to improve protection and add a stylish accent.

Choosing Arfen WG 304, you get reliable, stylish and affordable protection of your interior from bumps and scratches. Protect your walls and doors with these vinyl panels and let your interior keep fresh and attractive for many years.


Installing vinyl panels is relatively simple and can include the following steps:

  • Determine the installation height of the wall covering.
  • Wall preparation: Removal of old facing materials, priming and leveling of the surface.
  • Measurement and marking: Accurate measurements and marking for the correct distribution of panels.
  • Panel Trimming: If you need to trim the bump, use a mounting saw or a construction knife and a metal ruler (square).
  • Make sure the wall is dry and clean.
  • Remove all the irregularities of the wall, for best results.
  • Mounting: The panels can be attached to the wall with glue, screws or special fasteners.
  • Before applying the adhesive, wipe both sides of the bump to make sure that there is no dust and dirt on the surfaces.
  • Apply the glue only to the wall surface, use a D2 or B3 spatula to distribute the glue. It is recommended to use a water-based contact adhesive (KIILTO EXTRA, DENLAKS TK-580). Consumption of 300-350 g of glue for each 1 m2.
  • Allow the glue to harden, under normal conditions it will take from 10 to 15 minutes. However, the duration of curing depends on temperature and humidity.
  • Important: Read the glue specification or other adhesives before applying.
  • Place the bump sheet on the wall, align and press it in place manually.
  • Roll up the bump strip using a pressure roller. Start rolling in the center of the sheet and move towards the edges. After installation, remove excess glue.
Model Profile length Profile width Profile thickness Number of shock-absorbing inserts Left plug The plug is right External angle Inner corner Number of possible colors
WG 304 4 m 300 mm 2 mm - - - - - 32 colors*

We have a palette of standard colors: white (20) light gray (41), dark gray (42).  We can produce any color according to the RAL table when ordering from 200 m.p. or from the following:

Ищете надежную защиту для стен? Budlea предлагает виниловую защиту для стен WG с шириной 304 мм и длиной 4 метра, которая идеально сочетается с любым интерьером благодаря своему белому цвету. Этот продукт идеален для узких помещений, высокопрочен и устойчив к трению — отличный выбор для офисов, больниц и домов. Защитите стены от случайных ударов, царапин от мебели и даже от загрязнений.

Созданная для долговечности и легкости ухода, эта виниловая защита не только практична, но и стильна. С грязеотталкивающей поверхностью, поддержание чистоты становится проще. По желанию можно добавить угловые накладки типа CG50B для дополнительной защиты углов.

Не просто защита, а умное решение для вашего интерьера. Сделайте правильный выбор с Budlea. Закажите сейчас и сделайте ваш интерьер не только красивым, но и долговечным.


Внимание! Реальный цвет изделия может отличаться с цветом на фото представленных на сайте.

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