Flexible floor skirting PS7510 Arfen black elastic PVC floor skirting, 50 r.m.

Flexible floor skirting boards PS7510 Arfen black elastic PVC skirting board for floor, 50 m.p.

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from 5 022,00 uah

Flexible Floor Skirting Boards PS7510 Arfen Black

Flexible PVC skirting board Arfen PS7510 with completion, is an excellent solution for the decoration of the joints of the floor with the wall, the design allows you to repeat the irregularities of the walls. It is quite simple to mount it, you can use contact glue or "liquid nails" for gluing. All seams are sealed with a special sealant, which prevents water leakage and destruction of the wall under the baseboard.

Features of the baseboard:
  • Width: 13 mm

  • Height: 75 mm

  • Color: Black

  • Bay: 50 m


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