Superplasticizer Protex (barrel 1 cub.m)

For the manufacture of concrete products and structures

36 uah
Wholesale price 34 uah from 1000 l

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PROTEX superplasticizer (1kub.m barrel) is a complex additive designed for the manufacture of concrete products and structures to which increased requirements for water resistance, frost resistance, chemical resistance are applied. It has a plasticizing, hydrophobic effect, compacts the structure of concrete. It has increased indicators of frost resistance, cracking, abrasion. It also has a high strength set. It is used in an aggressive environment. The composition of the additive is adapted to domestic aggregates and cement, including slag-alkaline ones.

  • ready-mixed concrete for the manufacture of massive, densely reinforced and especially important structures
  • road, hydraulic, chemical resistant concrete
  • high-strength concrete, screed, polystyrene concrete device
  • underfloor heating, self-leveling floors, industrial floors
  • to produce concretes with increased frost resistance
  • increase the water resistance and durability of concrete (W-8 and above)
  • increase the workability and uniformity of the concrete mix
  • reduce shrinkage and creep
  • to increase the resistance of concrete in aggressive environments, in particular, sulphate waters, to prevent corrosion of cement stone
  • reduce water consumption by 15-20%
  • carry out concrete work at low temperatures, due to the strong plasticizing and antifreeze action of the additive


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