Plasticizer for underfloor heating SANPOL TP-6 5L

Additive for the manufacture of monolithic structures, the arrangement of underfloor heating and the manufacture of concrete products

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Plasticizer for underfloor heating SANPOL TP-6 is designed for the manufacture of monolithic structures and concrete products, which are subject to increased requirements for water resistance, frost resistance, chemical resistance.  It has a plasticizing, hydrophobic effect, compacts the structure of concrete. The composition of the additive is adapted to conventional aggregates and cements, including slag-alkaline ones. Plasticizer for underfloor heating Sanpol TP-6 is an ideal solution for monolithic structures and concrete products of improved quality.  A plasticizer for underfloor heating that can meet all the high requirements for water resistance, frost resistance and chemical resistance, which not only meets these requirements, but also has a number of irreplaceable advantages. It is distinguished not only by its plasticizing and hydrophobizing effect, but also by its ability to compact the structure of concrete, giving it improved physical properties.

  • Improved water resistance: the additive forms an effective protection against moisture penetration and guarantees long-term preservation of the quality of structures. 
  • High frost resistance: the plasticizer is able to reduce the freezing point of water in concrete, which allows it to be used even in harsh climatic conditions. 
  • Excellent chemical resistance: Sanpol TP-6 has unique properties that allow it to successfully resist various chemical influences, such as acids, alkalis, salts, etc. This makes it an ideal solution for use in chemically resistant concrete structures. 
  • Compatibility: The composition of the plasticizer is specially designed to be compatible with various aggregates and cements, including slag-alkaline ones, which ensures ease of use and optimal results.

Application of Sanpol TP-6 plasticizer:

Production of ready-mixed concrete for the creation of massive, densely reinforced and especially important structures.

Manufacture of road, hydraulic and chemically resistant concrete that must withstand extreme operating conditions. -

Heated floors, where the efficiency of thermal equipment helps to reduce energy consumption. 

Main advantages:

  • increases the water resistance and durability of concrete
  • removes air bubbles from the concrete mortar
  • increases the plasticity and uniformity of the concrete mix
  • prevents cracking and reduces the possibility of shrinkage
  • prevents corrosion on heating elements and fittings
  • improves thermal conductivity and creates uniform heat distribution over the entire surface
  • reduces water consumption by 15-20%
  • reduces cement consumption by 10-20% without reducing brand strength

Type: Plasticizer

Country of origin : Ukraine

Appointment:  for concrete, mortar

Colour:  brown

Additional information: consumption per 50 kg of cement 0.250-0.500 ml per 50 kg of cement by dry matter

Packaging:  5 l canister

How to use SANPOL TP-6 plasticizer for underfloor heating?

The work is carried out at a base and ambient temperature ranging from 5 ° C to 35 ° C. To introduce SANPOL TP-6 plasticizer for underfloor heating into the concrete mixture simultaneously with the kneading water. Ensure uniform distribution of the additive by mixing.

Do not inject plasticizer into dry components!

How to dose the supplement?

500-1000 g per 100 kg of cement or 0.6 - 1% of the cement weight by dry matter, depending on the mineral composition of the cement, the characteristics of the filler and the purpose.

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