Plasticizer for all types of concrete SANPOL-7 5L

Complex additive for concrete and mortar mixtures based on polycarboxylate

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Plasticizer for all types of concrete SANPOL-7 is a complex additive for concrete and mortar mixtures, based on polycarboxylate. The additive has a plasticizing and water-reducing effect, as well as the effect of slowing down the hydration of cement in the early stages of hardening of the concrete mixture and accelerating the hardening of concrete. Allows to obtain cast concrete mixtures without delamination and water separation. The composition of the additive is adapted to domestic aggregates and cements, including those made of slag, with a slag content of up to 80%.

The supplement allows you to:

  • increase the workability of concrete and mortar mixtures from P1 to P4;
  • to increase the early (by 10-25 and vintage (by 10-20 strength of concrete (with constant workability);
  • reduce the water demand of the concrete/mortar mix by 10-20%
  • get mobile mixtures stacked without vibration;
  • increase the survivability of the concrete mix up to 1.5 - 2 hours, depending on the quality of the materials used, manufacturing conditions and transportation.


Type: Plasticizer

Country of origin : Ukraine

Appointment:  for concrete, mortar

Colour:  brown

Additional information: consumption per 50 kg of cement 0.250-0.500 ml per 50 kg of cement by dry matter

Packaging:  5 l canister

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