The company Protek-S offers a range of products directly designed for use at low temperatures.
Winter concreting is a complex and responsible process, because, due to a decrease in ambient temperature, all chemically unrelated water in concrete freezes, increasing its volume by 9%. In turn, this leads to a violation of the internal structure of concrete and the inevitable destruction of the monolith. Frozen water inside concrete can really lead to its destruction due to an increase in the volume of water during freezing. This process is called frost destruction of concrete.

For successful winter concreting, it is important to take certain measures and use special methods and additives to prevent the destruction of concrete:

The use of antifreeze additives: An antifreeze additive can reduce the freezing point of water in concrete, allowing it to remain stable at lower temperatures.

Insulation: winter concrete is often insulated to keep it warm and protect it from freezing. This may include the use of thermal insulation materials around the molds and poured concrete.

Use of warm water solutions: warm water and warm additives can help maintain the temperature of the concrete mixture within acceptable limits.

Coverage:freshly laid concrete is often covered with thermal insulation and covered to keep it warm for a long time after pouring.

Temperature control: Monitoring the temperature of concrete and the environment is important to prevent freezing and ensure proper curing of concrete.

Winter concreting requires special knowledge and means to ensure high-quality results and prevent the destruction of concrete due to frost.

Using the offered products, you will be able to carry out work on the preparation and pouring of concrete without any technical difficulties, and the hydration of concrete at low temperatures will no longer be a problem. Winter concreting is a special type of construction work, and it requires a special approach. By contacting our specialists, you will receive qualified advice and recommendations on the implementation of concreting on Your object.

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