SANPOL superplasticizer for the manufacture of concrete products and structures

Superplasticizer for the manufacture of concrete products and structures to increase the plasticity and fluidity of concrete

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The SANPOL superplasticizer is an innovative superplasticizer developed by us using advanced technologies. It is intended for use in construction to improve the performance of the concrete mix and ensure the highest quality of building structures. The main advantageThe SANPOL superplasticizer lies in its high efficiency. Thanks to the unique formula, our superplasticizer is able to significantly increase the plasticity and fluidity of concrete, reduce its viscosity and improve its performance. This reduces the time and labor costs of construction work, increasing productivity and saving resources. In addition, the SANPOL Superplasticizer is a very reliable and durable product. It has a high degree of stability and resistance to external factors such as moisture, cold and heat. Our superplasticizer not only improves the quality of building structures, but also ensures their durability and reliability. The SANPOL Superplasticizer product is also safe to use. We guarantee that it fully meets the requirements of quality and safety standards. Our company adheres to strict control procedures to ensure the highest level of safety of our products. In addition, the SANPOL Superplasticizer has been developed taking into account environmental safety requirements. It does not contain dangerous substances that can harm the environment and human health. We care about our planet and strive to create products that help you in construction, but do not harm the environment. Choosing  SANPOL Superplasticizer, you get a unique combination of high efficiency, reliability, safety and environmental safety. A product that will help you achieve the highest results in construction, reduce costs and increase productivity.

Superplasticizer for concrete mortars, improves elasticity and increases the strength of concrete.

Scope of application:

  • In the construction of residential, municipal buildings, shopping malls and factories
  • During the construction of any concrete engineering structures
  • To reduce water permeability in the construction of concrete foundations
  • To eliminate the formation of voids in reinforced concrete


  • Increases the plasticity of the mixture
  • Reduces the amount of water used in the solution
  • Increases the convenience of working with the solution

Instructions for use:

     Add  SANPOL superplasticizer 0.5-2% by weight of cement into a concrete mixture and mix until a homogeneous mass is formed. Apply at ambient temperatures from 5°C to 35°C.

Recommendations for use:

  • When using an additive, the curing time of concrete increases.
  • When used at temperatures below 5°C or above 35°Take additional protective measures from the ambient temperature.
  • During use, observe safety and health regulations.
  • The amount of water in the solution should be reduced by 10%.
  • The surface must be protected from direct sunlight and high (more than 35 °C) and low (less than ( 5 °C)   ambient temperature.




30 kg canister

Application temperature

( 5 ° C) - ( 35 ° C)

Mixing ratio

0.5-2% by weight of cement in solution


1.2 - 1.22 kg/l

Chlorine content

< 0,1 %

Alkali content

< 10 %


< 1 N/mm2

Expiration date

12 months in a dry environment in a closed package

SANPOL superplasticizer is an innovative product designed to improve the quality of construction work. This highly effective additive for concrete and mortars, designed to improve their rheological properties. With its unique properties  The SANPOL superplasticizer proves itself to be an indispensable tool for achieving high results in construction. Its main advantage is the ability to significantly increase the plasticity of the concrete mix, improving its fluidity and providing a smoother surface. The SANPOL superplasticizer product is also characterized by a fast setting time, which significantly reduces the time of construction work and increases their efficiency. In addition, its use reduces the amount of water used when mixing mixtures, thereby improving the strength and durability of finished structures. Thanks to the use of SANPOL Superplasticizer, it is possible to achieve high concrete strength, which is especially important in the construction of bridges, tunnels and other facilities where high reliability and resistance to loads are required. This product is also ideal for the construction of residential buildings, commercial buildings and industrial structures. The SANPOL superplasticizer is characterized by a high degree of safety when used, since it does not contain harmful substances and does not have a negative impact on the environment. It is a safe solution for the construction industry, while not inferior in its properties and effectiveness to more traditional plasticizers.  By choosing the SANPOL Superplasticizer, you choose an effective and innovative product that will help you achieve excellent results in construction.

The SANPOL Superplasticizer product is a modern solution for improving the quality of construction. With a number of unique advantages and advantages, it is successfully used in various areas of the construction industry. One of the main advantages  The SANPOL superplasticizer is its ability to significantly increase the plasticity and fluidity of the concrete mix. This ensures ease and comfort when laying it, as well as increases its workability. Due to this, construction work is noticeably accelerated, which significantly reduces the project completion time. The SANPOL superplasticizer is also highly stable and compatible with various types of cement and additives. This makes it possible to use it in a wide range of construction processes, including the creation of reinforced concrete structures, road surfaces, airfield sites and many others. It is important to note that the SANPOL superplasticizer is perfectly suitable for construction in harsh climatic conditions. It is resistant to low and high temperatures, and also retains its properties even in conditions of high humidity. Thus, this product ensures the reliability and durability of building structures in the most extreme conditions. The SANPOL superplasticizer is an innovative product designed to meet modern construction requirements. It provides not only high efficiency and reliability, but also cost-effectiveness in the implementation of construction projects.  By reducing construction time and ensuring the reliability of structures in various climatic conditions, the SANPOL Superplasticizer is an indispensable tool for the successful completion of construction projects.

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