Anti-frost additive for concrete NITCAL S 45, 5 l canister

Antifreeze additive for concreting at subzero air temperatures up to - 25 ° C.

5 l
260 uah

The NITCAL S 45 antifreeze plasticizer is designed to regulate the properties of all ready-to-use types of concrete (reinforced and non-reinforced), mortar mixtures and dry building mixes. It is used in monolithic construction for screeds, masonry and other types of construction work at low and subzero temperatures from 5 ° C to -25 °C. Prevents the appearance of efflorescence at the stage of operation. Reduces the crystallization temperature of water. It makes it possible to obtain the minimum required early strength of 5 MPa. Increases the final strength of finished concrete products. Provides high frost resistance. A universal chlorine-free additive without changing the consistency reduces the water content of the batch to 10%. Accelerates the hydration reaction of cement.Accelerates the setting and hardening of concrete, ensuring the mobility of the concrete mix. It is used for the preparation of concretes with a wide range of applications. It helps to improve the operational properties of the initial composition. ​

The main properties of the additive:

  • creates high-density and waterproof concrete
  • prevents the development of corrosion due to the high concentration of chlorides in the composition of the superplasticizer
  • concrete sets and hardens quickly
  • cement becomes more durable
  • up to -25C is used as an antifreeze additive
  • significantly seals concrete
  • the pores of concrete are clogged much faster, preventing the fragility and destruction of concrete







Estimated concrete hardening temperature % of additive input by weight of cement
Special properties that additionally appear at the specified dosage,
in addition to antifreeze
from 5°C to -10°C 1,0 Accelerated strength gain, reduced cracking
from -10°C to -15°C 1,5 Accelerated strength gain, formation of a "healthy" concrete structure
from -15°C to -20°C 2,5 Accelerated strength gain, corrosion inhibitor, reduction of salinity
-20°C to -25°C 3,5 Accelerated strength set, rebar corrosion inhibitor, prolonged strength set

The additive is a universal tool designed to improve the characteristics of the concrete mixture. Here are some of the main properties and benefits of this supplement:

  • Reduction of water content: The additive reduces the water content in the concrete mix by up to 10%. This can be useful for saving resources, reducing the weight of concrete and improving its characteristics.
  • Acceleration of setting and hardening: accelerates the processes of setting and hardening of concrete, which can be useful in construction, where it is necessary to quickly achieve certain strength characteristics.
  • Increasing density and water resistance: The additive helps to increase the density of finished products and improve their water resistance, which makes concrete more durable and resistant to moisture.
  • Reduction of water crystallization temperature: This property can be useful in low temperature conditions, as it helps to prevent damage to concrete during freezing and thawing.
  • Increased strength: Helps to achieve the minimum required early strength (5 MPa) and increase the final strength of finished products, which is important for construction projects.
  • Frost resistance: The additive provides high frost resistance of concrete, which is important in cold climatic conditions.
  • Prevention of efflorescence: The additive helps to prevent the appearance of efflorescence (salts) at the stage of operation of concrete structures.
  • Acceleration of the hardening process in summer: In summer it can be used to accelerate the hardening process of concrete.


For concreting at low temperatures using NITCAL S 45 additives, certain conditions and dosage rules must be observed:

  • Preparation of the base: Make sure that the base on which the concrete will be poured is not frozen. A frozen base can negatively affect the quality of concrete.
  • Introduction of NITCAL S 45: The additive NITCAL S 45 must be introduced into the concrete mix simultaneously with other components such as cement, aggregate, water, plasticizer/superplasticizer. This will ensure an even distribution of the additive in the mixture. The mixing process in the concrete mixer should last from 1 to 5 minutes until the mixture becomes homogeneous.
  • NITCAL Dosage: The dosage of NITCAL S 45 depends on the specific purposes of concreting and the required characteristics of concrete. Usually, NITCAL S 45 is used in a dosage from 0.2% to 1.2% by weight of cement. Here's how different dosages can affect concrete:
  • The dosage of 0.2-1.2% by weight of cement: Leads to an acceleration of concrete setting at normal temperatures (20 ° C) and an increase in early strength, usually after 6-8 hours. This use of NITCAL S 45 increases the strength in the early stages and also helps to accelerate the hardening process.
  • Dosage 1-2% by weight of cement: Used for long-term increase in the strength characteristics of concrete.
  • Dosage 0.5-1% by weight of cement: Provides the best water resistance of concrete, intensifies the strength set and increases the final strength of concrete products by 20-30%.

The correct dosage of the NITCAL S 45 additive in accordance with the project requirements and climatic conditions can help achieve the necessary characteristics of concrete at low temperatures and ensure successful concreting.

How to concrete with an additive at low temperatures?

When performing concrete work on laying concrete industrial floors in low temperatures (below +5ºC), the following conditions must be observed:

1. The base on which the pouring is planned should not be frozen.

2. NITCAL S 45 is introduced into the concrete mixture simultaneously with the other components: cement, aggregate, water, plasticizer/superplasticizer. Mix in a concrete mixer (1÷5 min) until the mixture is homogeneous

How to dose NITCAL supplement?

NITCAL at a dosage of 0.2 -1.2% by weight of cement acts as an accelerator of setting time at 20ºC and thus increases strength at an early stage (for example, after 6-8 hours).

Due to the conversion of a small amount of ammonium in technical grade Calcium Nitrate into an amine during the reaction with epoxide, Calcium Nitrate is converted from a pure setting accelerator into a hardening accelerator.

At large doses (1-2%) it is introduced to long-term increase the strength characteristics of concrete.

At a dosage of 0.5 - 1% by weight of cement, it provides the best water resistance of concrete, intensifies the strength gain and increases the final strength by 20 - 30%.

Anti-frost additive NITCAL S45: Ensure the longevity of your construction work with the anti-frost additive NITCAL S45 from Protex. This powerful plasticizer is designed specifically for use in various types of concrete, mortar mixtures and building mixtures. One of the key benefits of NITCAL S45 is its ability to control the properties of concrete at low and sub-zero temperatures from 5°C to -25°C, making it an ideal choice for monolithic construction and other construction applications. This additive prevents the formation of efflorescence and reduces the crystallization temperature of water, providing the minimum required early strength of 5 MPa. NITCAL S45 also increases the final strength of finished concrete products and provides high frost resistance. Thanks to its universal chlorine-free formula, this additive maintains the consistency of the concrete mixture while reducing the water content of the batch by up to 10%. It also accelerates the hydration reaction of cement and the setting of concrete, ensuring the movement of the mixture. NITCAL S45 is the ideal choice for the preparation of concrete with a wide range of applications. This additive improves the performance properties of concrete, making it high-density, waterproof and corrosion-resistant. Concrete strengthened with this additive sets quickly and becomes more durable. In addition, it effectively compacts concrete, clogs pores, preventing brittleness and destruction. Choose NITCAL S45 anti-frost additive from Protex and trust your construction work to a reliable and advanced product. Your concrete will be strong, durable and will cope well with any conditions.

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