Polyethylene construction film 100 microns roll sleeve 300kv.m

Universal construction film for shelter at construction sites

7.8 uah
Wholesale price 6.7 uah from 2000 м²

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Polyethylene film is widely used at construction sites, where it serves as a thermal insulation, covering material to protect against dirt and dust and other environmental influences. It is a universal material for construction, finishing, and facade work. On construction sites, it is used to protect building materials from adverse weather conditions, as well as to shelter the foundation.  When installing screeds and industrial floors, a film with a thickness of 80,100,150 or 200 microns is used. Polyethylene film has high thermal and waterproofing properties, which allows it to be used for waterproofing artificial reservoirs, for thermal insulation of roofs, to protect basements from excessive moisture, and for the installation of a drainage system.

Main Features:

  • endurance
  • tightness
  • Ease of use
  • protection against condensation and the external environment
  • low cost

Polyethylene construction film is widely used at construction sites to provide reliable protection against adverse weather conditions, dirt, dust and other external factors. A versatile material that can be used both for construction work and for finishing and facade work. The strength and tightness of our film allow it to retain its qualities for a long time, even with intensive use. It has high thermal and waterproofing properties, which makes it ideal for waterproofing artificial reservoirs, roofs and basements. We are also proud of the ease of use of our film. It is lightweight, flexible and easy to use, which allows you to quickly and effectively protect your building material or foundation. An important advantage of our film is its low cost. We offer a quality product at an affordable price, which makes it an excellent choice for any construction project. Order a polyethylene Protex film and see for yourself its excellent quality and reliability!

Protex polyethylene construction film 100 microns sleeve 300kv.m is the perfect solution for you! It is widely used on construction sites, where it serves as an unsurpassed thermal insulation and covering material. Our film has the highest characteristics that make it indispensable in a variety of construction, finishing and facade works. It protects your construction site from dirt, dust and other negative external influences. Our film is used to protect building materials from the weather, as well as to shelter the foundation. When it comes to the construction of screeds and industrial floors, it shows itself at its best. The thickness of 80,100,150 or 200 microns guarantees your construction impeccable strength and reliability. Moreover, our polyethylene film has high thermal and waterproofing properties, which makes it an ideal material for waterproofing artificial reservoirs, thermal insulation of roofs and protection of basements from excessive moisture. It can also be used to create an effective drainage system. Choosing our film, you get a number of clear advantages. Durability, tightness and ease of use are just some of them. In addition, it is offered at a low cost, which allows you to save on the construction budget without losing quality and reliability.Protex Polyethylene construction film 80,100,150 or 200 microns sleeve is an essential helper on your construction site. Provide your work with reliable protection by choosing the best product on the market!

By buying a polyethylene film Protex 100 microns sleeve, you get a universal material that is widely used on construction sites. This film is an indispensable assistant for construction, finishing and facade work. Protex film is especially valuable in the conditions of construction sites, where it provides protection of building materials from the weather, dirt and dust. In addition, it is ideal for covering the foundation and protecting basements from excessive moisture. The high strength and tightness of the Protex film guarantee reliable protection from external influences, as well as condensate. Due to its thermal insulation and waterproofing properties, you can use it for waterproofing artificial reservoirs, as well as for thermal insulation of roofs. The advantages of using Protex polyethylene film also include its ease of use and low cost. You can easily and quickly cover the desired surfaces, saving time and money. Order the Protex 100 microns polyethylene film sleeve right now and make sure of its reliability and versatility. Be sure that your construction project will be protected from any unforeseen circumstances thanks to this excellent material.

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