Polyethylene foam cloth and a foam polyethylene damping tape are useful materials in construction and light industry due to their diverse properties:

Sound insulation: Both materials provide sound insulation, which reduces sound vibrations and noise. They can be used, for example, to reduce noise in residential areas or in buildings with a high degree of noise insulation.

Waterproofing: Polyurethane foam and damping tape have waterproofing properties that can help prevent moisture and water from penetrating into building structures. This is important for maintaining the integrity and durability of building elements.

Thermal insulation: These materials have good thermal insulation, which can help in reducing heat loss through the walls and floors of the building. This contributes to more efficient heat preservation in the room, which can reduce heating costs.

Substrate for laminated floor coverings: Polyurethane foam fabric can be used as a substrate for laminated floor coverings. It helps to hide small defects on the surface and creates a more comfortable walking.

Sealer and insulating material: The damping tape serves as a sealer and insulating material in construction. It can be used to fill gaps and insulate various parts of the structure.

Both of these materials are easy to use, lightweight, and available in different sizes and thicknesses, which allows them to be adapted to different construction tasks.

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PPE cloth 10 mm, roll 50 sq.m

PPE cloth 10 mm, roll 50 sq.m

Thermal and noise insulation substrate for laminated floors, laminate, parquet, linoleum


Damping tape 10/150

Damping tape 10/150

Compensating element when expanding the screed to reduce heat loss through adjacent walls and against the formation of cracks


PPE cloth 4 mm

PPE cloth 4 mm

Reliable sound insulation and thermal insulation layer