Damping tape 10/150

Product code: 0157

Compensating element when expanding the screed to reduce heat loss through adjacent walls and against the formation of cracks

9.6 uah

The damping tape is a tape made of foamed polyethylene with an "apron" of film. The tape is laid along the perimeter of the room to separate the wall and the screed. When laying the screed, the tape must be fixed to the wall with liquid nails, double-sided tape or a construction stapler. It performs the function of a compensating element during the expansion of the underfloor heating screed, prevents the load-bearing walls from cracking, reduces heat loss through adjacent walls. The damping tape is supplied in coils of 50 or 25 m. each.

  • 150mm x 5mm x 50m
  • 150mm x 8mm x 50m
  • 150mm x 8mm x 25m – with a sticky layer
  • 150mm x 10mm x 25m

How to fix the damper tape?

When laying the screed, the tape can be fixed with liquid nails, or pressed down with a solution.

What is self-adhesive damping tape?

On the outside of such a damping tape there is an adhesive layer covered with a protective layer. To glue the tape, you need to remove the protection and press it tightly against the wall. This allows you to save time on laying the tape, as well as lay it without waves. This tape is considered the most convenient to use.

How to properly attach the damper tape?

The tape should be higher than the screed. The height is calculated as follows: the height of the screed at the highest point and 2cm (not lower than this formula). The tape must necessarily protrude above the concrete in order to completely exclude even the slightest contact with the wall.

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