PPE cloth 4 mm

Product code: 0065

Reliable sound insulation and thermal insulation layer

16,20 uah

A 4 mm foamed polyethylene sheet made of foamed polyethylene performs the function of a substrate for any type of floor covering. Most often, foamed polyethylene is used as a substrate for parquet and laminate. The rolled material is laid as a separating layer between the floor covering and the floor base. The 5 mm foam polyethylene substrate provides cushioning and absorbs unwanted noises that occur when walking on the floor. Absorbs moisture and dampness, preventing swelling and swelling of the floor covering. It also creates a reliable sound insulation and thermal insulation layer, which is especially important in multi-storey residential and office buildings.

  • Heat and noise insulation substrate for laminated floors, parquet, linoleum
  • Insulation and sound insulation of ceilings and walls in the construction of buildings and structures
  • Underlay film for the device of waterproofing layers 
  • Thermal insulation of large diameter pipelines
  • Insulation material for air conditioners and refrigeration units
  • Packaging and cushioning material for furniture, fragile and breakable goods
  • Packaging material of electronic household appliances and convenience of transportation of various goods
  • Material for the manufacture of sofas, various bags and consumer goods

Basic properties:Hydraulic stability

  • Water resistance 
  • Adhesion 
  • Thermal insulation
  • Sound insulation
  • Chemical resistance
  • Anti-allergenic material
  • Resistance to deformation
  • Microbiological resistance 
  • Resistance to rodent and insect damage 

The standard color of the canvas is white

Thickness 1-10 mm
Length 50 m
Width 1 m
Density 25±5 kg/m3Operating temperature range
  -40 to 85C
Coefficient of thermal conductivity not more than 0.038 W/m•K
Water vapor diffusion resistance factor more than 3000
Flammability group G2
Service life 20-25 years old

Where is the PPE cloth used with a thickness of 2 - 4mm?

PPE cloth with a thickness of 4 mm to 5 mm, is used as heat and sound insulation for concrete screed and interstory floors.

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