Fiber for concrete reinforcement POLYEX MESH 24 mm, 0.5 kg package

Product code: 0207

For reinforcement, improvement of mechanical properties and durability of concrete.

340 uah

Polyex Mesh 38 mm fiber is twisted synthetic fibers created for the purpose of reinforcement, improvement of mechanical properties and durability of concrete. Polyex Mesh is a fiber consisting of a special mixture of co-polymer and polypropylene. They create reinforcement in three dimensions, which reduces or completely eliminates plastic shrinkage of concrete, is a replacement for reinforcement with steel fibers, light rods and anti-shrink nets, pouring on a ground base, in the production of concrete, trays, drainage systems, tanks (with drinking water), swimming pools, elements of enclosing structures, shotcrete, etc. concrete of class from B-5 to B-100. Polyex Mesh fibers are used for the production of structural fiber reinforced concrete with improved properties compared to steel fiber reinforced concrete. 

Main Features:

  • countering the formation of shrinkage cracks
  • increasing resistance to weather factors
  • reduced seepage; better workability
  • increased flexural strength; increased durability
  • increased impact strength

Scope of application:

  • a substitute for steel anti-shrink nets in floors
  • concrete industrial self-leveling floors
  • road and bridge coverings
  • devices of cement-sand floor screed
  • outdoor areas, parking lots
  • concrete slabs, foundations
  • monolithic structures, reinforced concrete piles, concrete columns
  • building mortars, dry mixes and plasters
  • casting of small architectural forms from concrete



What is the dosage of Polyex Mesh fiber per 1m3 of concrete?

Depending on the purpose of concrete, from 1 to 3 kg of synthetic reinforcing fiber Polyex Mesh 12 mm per 1 m3 of concrete. This amount allows you to give the concrete excellent properties and, in some cases, completely eliminate the phenomenon of plastic shrinkage.

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