Membrane forming agent for concrete surfaces Tekno

Hardener - membrane-forming agent for concrete surfaces

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Teknokur 100 is a hardener (membrane–forming agent) for concrete surfaces based on acrylic emulsion, which prevents the evaporation of moisture from freshly laid concrete and prevents the appearance of cracks on the surface.

Areas of application:

  • To strengthen freshly laid concrete
  • For laying concrete at elevated air temperature or in strong wind
  • For parking lots, warehouses, factories and shopping centers
  • For engineering structures such as bridges, subways, tunnels, etc.
  • For concrete roads
  • For industrial buildings, aircraft hangars, aprons and helicopter runways.
  • For outdoor and indoor use
  • For surfaces that have lost their luster
  • To protect the surface after the application of toppings

Basic properties:

  • Effectively retains moisture necessary for the hydration of cement in concrete.
  • Reduces the likelihood of shrinkage cracks in concrete
  • Increases the strength of the surface
  • Does not contain solvents, can be used indoors
  • Improves the mechanical strength of concrete
  • Eliminates the formation of dust on the surface
  • The ideal solution for protecting freshly laid concrete in hard-to-reach places.
цвет Эмульсия белого цвета
Срок хранения 12 месяцев в закрытой заводской упаковке
Упаковка 30 кг канистра
Время высыхания ≤ 135 мин
Время между нанесением слоев 2-6 часов
Плотность 1,01 (± 0,03) кг/л


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