Polyethylene construction film

Polyethylene film for wide use on construction sites

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Polyethylene film is widely used at construction sites, where it serves as a thermal insulation, covering material to protect against dirt and dust and other environmental influences. It is a universal material for construction, finishing, facade works. On construction sites, it is used to protect building materials from adverse weather conditions, as well as to shelter the foundation.  When installing screeds and industrial floors, a film with a thickness of 150 or 200 microns is used. Polyethylene film has high thermal and waterproofing properties, which allows it to be used for waterproofing artificial reservoirs, for thermal insulation of roofs, to protect basements from excessive moisture, for the device of a drainage system.

Main Features:

  • endurance
  • tightness
  • ease of use
  • protection against condensation and the external environment
  • low cost

The main properties of polyethylene film when used for covering concrete

  • effective retention of moisture necessary for the hydration of cement in concrete
  • reducing the likelihood of shrinkage cracks in concrete
  • increasing the strength of the surface
  • environmental friendliness, the ability to be used indoors
  • improving the mechanical strength of concrete
  • protection from dust on the surface

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