For reinforcement of plastic cement -sand mortars, industrial self-leveling floors, monolithic structures

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Polyex Mesh fiber 24 mm - twisted synthetic fibers created for the purpose of reinforcement, improvement of mechanical properties and durability of concrete. Polyex Mesh is a fiber consisting of a special mixture of co-polymer and polypropylene. They create reinforcement in three dimensions, which reduces or completely eliminates plastic shrinkage of concrete, is a replacement for reinforcement with steel fibers, light rods and anti-shrink nets, pouring on a ground base, in the production of concrete, trays, drainage systems, tanks (with drinking water), swimming pools, elements of enclosing structures, shotcrete, etc. concrete of class from B-5 to B-100. Polyex Mesh fibers are used for the production of structural fiber reinforced concrete with improved properties compared to steel fiber reinforced concrete. 

Main Features:

  • countering the formation of shrinkage cracks
  • increasing resistance to weather factors
  • reduced seepage; better workability
  • increased flexural strength; increased durability
  • increased impact strength

Scope of application:

  • a substitute for steel anti-shrink nets in floors
  • concrete industrial self-leveling floors
  • road and bridge coverings
  • devices of cement-sand floor screed
  • outdoor areas, parking lots
  • concrete slabs, foundations
  • monolithic structures, reinforced concrete piles, concrete columns
  • building mortars, dry mixes and plasters
  • casting of small architectural forms from concrete

What is the dosage of Polyex Mesh fiber per 1m3 of concrete?

Depending on the purpose of concrete, from 1 to 3 kg of synthetic reinforcing fiber Polyex Mesh 24 mm per 1 m3 of concrete. This amount allows you to give the concrete excellent properties and, in some cases, completely eliminate the phenomenon of plastic shrinkage.

For comparison, the dosage of steel fiber is 25 - 40 kg / 1 m3 of concrete

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