Polypropylene fiber to reduce the appearance of microcracks and micro-reinforcement of cement-sand solutions

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Polypropylene fiber is a multifilament type fiber. It is made of isotactic polypropylene, using a high technological process. Polypropylene fiber is the only smallest (69 microns) polypropylene fiber that combines mechanical and chemical properties. Polypropylene fiber is hundreds of millions of the finest silky polypropylene fibers in each 1 m3 of concrete, evenly distributed throughout the mass and accepting shrinkage stresses of concrete, which significantly reduces the appearance of microcracks.

  • foam concrete, construction of houses: foundation, plaster, mortars
  • industrial construction
  • road construction (bridges, overpasses, road surface)
  • Hydraulic engineering construction (Embankments, breakwaters)
  • underground construction (tunnels, metro), mining industry

Main Features:

Fiber is used for micro-reinforcement of concrete in order to:

  • maximum reduction of the number of microcracks (>95%), manifested at the initial stages of concrete solidification;
  • reduced moisture absorption (33-44%);
  • increased resistance to low temperatures;
  • prevention of damage to the surface, edges and corners;
  • prevention of cracks due to dynamic loads;
  • increasing the bending strength of concrete;
  • reduction of damage when removing the formwork and during the transition period.
  • Composition-100% polypropylene

Application features and dosage:

Polypropylene fiber should be added to dry mixes or directly to the concrete mixer. It is necessary to mix with a concrete mixer for 1 min for every 1 cubic meter of concrete.


What is the packing of polypropylene fiber?

Polypropylene fiber is supplied in cellulose bags of 0.6 kg.

How much fiber is needed for 1 cubic meter of concrete?

0.6 kg – 2.7 kg for each 1m3 of concrete;
0.15 kg-0.3 kg for each 1m3 of foam concrete;
0.6 kg for cement-sand mortar, screed.

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