Tube concrete f 22/40 mm (1.25 m)

Product code: 0322

Fiber-reinforced concrete tube for insertion into the formwork, which prevents the penetration of concrete to the tie screw during its pouring

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Fiber-reinforced concrete tube with an inner diameter of 22 mm. It is designed to be inserted into the formwork, keeping the distance between the formwork panels and preventing the penetration of concrete to the coupling screw during its pouring. PVC pipe for formwork protects the screed screws from the concrete mix, allowing you to easily remove the screed screw from the structure, as well as maintain the distance between the structures. This tube is closed with a fixing cone made of fibroconcrete, which is installed on epoxy glue or capped with a repair compound for reliable waterproofing.

Main Features:

  • it has good compatibility with monolithic concrete
  • it is used in the most critical areas of concreting, for example, in the construction of foundations
  • it has a high compressive strength
  • does not deform with temperature fluctuations
  • good physical and chemical resistance
  • excellent adhesion with concrete (there are no microcracks between the retainer and concrete)


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