Coupling screw 3 m

Screed screw for screed boards of formwork, plywood, OSB

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The shuttering screw for formwork is used for screed shuttering boards, plywood, OSB. The coupling screw is made of high-strength high-quality steel, which allows it to withstand high loads. They are also called anchor rod, tairot, tie rod, stud for formwork, tie anchor, anchor rod, tie bolt for shields. The coupling screw for fixing the formwork is used with flange nuts for light and homemade formwork or support nuts for wall formwork systems and columns of medium and heavy series. It is used in conjunction with nuts, protective plastic pipe and cones. They are supplied with a factory length of 3 meters and are cut on the construction site, according to the specification of the formwork fastening. The predominant feature of the coupling screw is its low weight and specially rolled thread, which allows you to unscrew the nuts for the formwork without unnecessary effort, even when the screw section is contaminated with concrete.The formwork screed screw is used for screed light vertical formwork and homemade formwork. It is used in conjunction with a superplate or wing nut.

Anchor screws and coupling nuts accept the pressure of the concrete mixture, so the choice of components for the formwork is of great importance for safe operation.

Mounting:the installation of the panels is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the project

  • pre-drill the holes before installing the shields
  • a screed screw for the formwork is inserted into the pre-drilled hole
  • washers and nuts are put on both sides of the ties, their tightening is carried out
  • dismantling is carried out after the concrete has completely solidified
  • the parts are dismantled in reverse order and can be reused

Main Features:External cross-section: 17 mm

Internal cross-section: 15 mm
The length of one coupling screw is 3 m

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