Pipe P/E d-25 segments 2m

Product code: 0019

Pressure pipes for the construction and reconstruction of external pipelines

13.3 uah

Pressure pipes are used in the construction and reconstruction of external pipelines supplying water for housing and communal services of cities and towns, as well as industrial consumers. Polyethylene pipelines can transport other gaseous and liquid compounds to which a material such as polyethylene is chemically resistant.

Main Features:

  • polyethylene pipelines are operated much longer than cast iron, metal, or concrete pipes
  • they do not corrode in contact with water and various aggressive media
  • 3-4 times lighter than metal, cast iron and concrete pipes
  • the polyethylene joint does not require additional consumables, such as electrodes and insulation
  • for polyethylene pipelines, there is a possibility of their repeated use at low cost of rewiring
  • easily disposed of and recycled if necessary
  • polyethylene pipelines can be laid by stretching
  • polyethylene water pipes have high elasticity
  • sold in segments of 2 m.p.


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