The plank for the formwork is L-shaped 15 mm

Plank for creating rounded elements in monolithic construction

from 18,10
from 18,10 uah
Wholesale price from 15,36 uah from 500 m.p.

There will be a more favorable price offer for you. Please leave a request and our managers will make an individual calculation for you.


The formwork bar is used to create rounded elements in monolithic construction. Production becomes much easier and more economical, since the need to cut the finished column disappears. It is used at iron-concrete plants specializing in the production of iron-concrete products. Chamfers are designed to create a chamfer (beveled corner) on the product, in order to create more accurate corners and give an aesthetic appearance to the product. Also, the creation of a chamfer on an iron-concrete product prevents the crumbling of corners. 

Main Features:

  • the period of production of concrete products is shortened,
  • the need for labor is decreasing
  • eliminates the need to use an expensive diamond wheel for finishing grinding of the finished product.
  • the material is PVC.
  • sold in multiples of 3 m.

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