Retainer concrete "Stone" FB 35-40-50 mm

Fixators of the protective layer made of fibroconcrete FB 35-40-50 mm

pack (250 pcs)
1300 uah

A fiber-reinforced concrete retainer with the addition of short polypropylene fiber fibers is used during the installation of vertical and horizontal fittings to create a protective layer with a height of 35,40,50 mm. These fixers are indispensable for the construction of dams, dams, hydroelectric power station buildings, canals, reservoirs and other hydraulic structures, subway tunnels and railway tracks. They grip well enough with the concrete poured into the formwork, thanks to the same structure. A distinctive feature from plastic clamps is the use of large diameters when working with fittings. 

Main Features:

  • no deformation due to temperature fluctuations
  • excellent compressive strength
  • creating an even protective layer of concrete
  • good physical and chemical resistance
  • perfect compatibility with monolithic concrete


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