GEOTEXTILE is a universal material that is usually made of polypropylene, polyester, polyamide. The use of geotextiles has become possible in industrial construction, in the construction of roads and railways, runways, in the construction of hydraulic structures and drainage systems, in the agro-industrial sector and horticulture. We offer several types of geotextiles, the further application of which depends on the type of work carried out and on the method of manufacture. Geotextile is a special material that is used for various engineering and construction purposes. Depending on its characteristics and production methods, geotextiles can perform different functions.


Purpose: The main purpose of this type of geotextile is drainage and filtration. It is used to remove excess water from the soil and prevent clogging by soil particles.
Application: In hydraulic structures, drainage systems, land works, where water drainage is important.


Purpose: The main purpose of this type of geotextile is to ensure durability. It is used where high mechanical load and resistance to deformation are important.
Application: In road construction, on roads and railways, in a high-load zone.


Purpose: The main purpose of this type of geotextile is surface reinforcement. It strengthens and stabilizes the ground surface.
Application: In various construction works where soil strengthening is required, for example, in land works and foundation structures.

Each of these types of geotextile has its own characteristics and properties, which allows you to choose the most suitable for specific engineering tasks. Geotextile is an important component in modern construction and engineering works, helping to increase the reliability and durability of various structures and systems.

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