Fiber is intended for reinforcement of screed, industrial floors, ceilings, concrete columns, to strengthen the strength of plaster, self-leveling floors, airfield slabs, hydraulic structures. It is an additive that improves the quality characteristics of cement. The use of fiber is superior in convenience and quality to traditional methods of reinforcement. In comparison with steel fiber, fiber is much cheaper, does not cause corrosion of reinforcement, does not burden the concrete structure. The fibers are evenly distributed over the entire volume of the concrete mortar, which reduces the number of internal shrinkage microcracks, and also prevents delamination.

This section presents different types of fiber for their intended purpose:

Polyex Mesh fiber is a fiber consisting of a special mixture of co-polymer and polypropylene. They produce reinforcement in three dimensions and are a replacement for reinforcement with steel fibers.

Always in stock fiber of the following sizes – 12mm, 24mm, 38mm, 54mm.

Polypropylene fiber – polypropylene fiber of 12 mm for micro-reinforcement of concrete.

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