Materials for the protection of foundation walls, drainage and waterproofing are best suited for wide use in the construction of buildings and structures, as well as for use in reconstruction. A variety of profiled membranes and waterproofing layers, roll waterproofing are a unique solution for each problem. Our materials are complex and assembled systems that work for the result.

The SNTDRAIN DL8 GEO geotextile membrane is used for safe and continuous drainage of water during vertical and horizontal application using a geotextile layer, as well as for vertical application to protect the underground waterproofing system from damage caused by soil pressure, is used for horizontal applications to evenly distribute the load on the soil and reduces the point load over the entire area. 

The spiked membrane SNTDRAIN EKL400 and the spiked membrane SNTDRAIN EKL500 to protect the waterproofing of the foundation, protects the outer bitumen insulation layer of foundations and engineering structures from possible mechanical damage during backfilling, and also protects the insulation during subsidence of the soil.

The spiked membrane SNTDRAIN EKL600 is recommended for use in the construction of highways, in deep basements of multi-storey buildings, garages, bridge structures, in the construction of tunnels, in individual projects of drainage and drainage systems of roads, bridges, railway embankments. 

K-2 sealant tape 15 *1,0 is a vapor barrier sealing tape designed for bonding steam - hydro barrier and membranes, as well as materials made of steel, glass, foam, polyethylene, aluminum. Universal, eco-friendly, does not contain harmful substances. It is used for gluing under-roof films, sealing joints, air ducts, for installing insulation, during installation and repair of plumbing communications, for automobile vans (kung). Elastic along the entire length and resistant to damage.

Polyethylene film is widely used at construction sites, where it serves as a thermal insulation, covering material to protect against dirt and dust and other environmental influences. It is a universal material for construction, finishing, facade works. On construction sites, it is used to protect building materials from adverse weather conditions, as well as to shelter the foundation.  


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