Thorn membrane DL8 GEO eco 450gr 90gr

Geocomposite drainage membrane

145 UAH
Wholesale price 140 UAH from 10000 м²

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SNTDRAIN DL8 GEO eco is a geocomposite drainage membrane that has high compressive strength and is resistant to chemicals and plant roots. A layer of geotextile made of PP (pOlypropylene) is attached to the bubbles made of PVP (high density polyethylene) with special heat treatment. The SNTDRAIN DL8 GEO eco is used for two main reasons. First of all, it is used for safe and continuous draining of water with vertical and horizontal application using a geotextile layer. Secondly, it is used in vertical applications to protect the underground waterproofing system from damage caused by soil pressure, it is used for horizontal applications to evenly distribute the load on the soil and reduces the point load over the entire area. Scope of use of SNTDRAIN DL8 GEO eco - tunnels, underground parking, retaining walls, etc.

  • material- (membrane Geotextile): PVP(High density polyethylene) PP(pOlypropylene)
  • color- black gray
  • the height of the bubbles is approx. 8mm
  • weight-450 g/m 90 g/m= 540 g/m 
  • roll size 2.00 m (±0.05m) x 20.00 m (±0.2m)
  • compressive strength- 175 kN/m (± 20%)
  • tensile strength- MD ≥ 5 kN/m (-2kn); CMD≥ 5 kN/m (-2kn)
  • temperature resistance- -30, 80 °C
  • durability-predicted for 25 years in natural soils with 4<pH <9 and soil temperature
  • resistant to chemicals and plant roots
  • it is not harmful to drinking water
  • resistant to acids, alkalis, oils and solvents
  • SNTDRAIN DL8 GEO eco must be stored in a dry and cool place

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