Seam sealer 5.2 mm, coil 200 meters

Elastic sealant designed for filling temperature-shrinkage joints, coil 200 meters

13,00 uah

The sealing profile of 5.2 mm is an elastic material designed to fill the temperature-shrink seam, which is cut using a grinder or a seam cutter.
It is easy to install, the seam is filled immediately after cutting, and there is no need to wait for the concrete to reach the required humidity. At the same time, production time is reduced and costs are reduced, which makes the whole process of sealing the seam cheaper. Before installing the herringbone sealer, it is not necessary to clean the seam and process it with a primer. Compared to the sealant, the sealer can be easily replaced with a new one if necessary.

  • The seal is made of extruded PVC, flexible
  • suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • designed for use in separation and temperature joints
  • in floodplain industrial and concrete floors
  • it is used as an alternative to mastics
  • for sealing temperature and separation joints
  • allows you to significantly save installation time
  • Sold in bays of 200 m


Product Protex Seam Sealant 5.2 mm, 200 meter roll is the ideal solution for filling a temperature-shrinkable joint. The elastic material has strength and flexibility that allows you to fill the seam immediately after cutting it. Forget about freezing the process of waiting for the concrete to reach the required moisture content! This product is made from extruded PVC, making it flexible and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It is ideal for separation and expansion joints in floodplain industrial and concrete floors. The use of this sealant is a quick and economical alternative to mastics when filling expansion and separation joints. The Protex 5.2 mm joint sealer also offers a significant reduction in installation time. There is no need to clean or prime the seam before installing it. And if you need to replace the seal, it's easy to do with a new one. Make sure your construction progresses quickly and efficiently with Protex Joint Sealer 5.2mm. Don't waste time and resources filling joints with other methods - choose a sealer that will keep your concrete in excellent condition. Order a 200 meter long bay right now!

Manufacturer: Ukraine

Material: PVC


Color: gray

Bay: 200m

Chemical resistance: resistant to alkaline solutions, acid solutions, detergents, animal and vegetable fats, steam cleaning

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