Seam seal 10mm, coil 100 meters

Product code: 0103

Elastic sealant designed for filling temperature-shrinkage joints, coil 100 meters

41.28 uah

The sealing profile of 10 mm is an elastic material designed to fill the temperature-shrink seam, which is cut using a grinder or a seam cutter.It is easy to install, the seam is filled immediately after cutting, and there is no need to wait for the concrete to reach the required humidity. At the same time, production times are reduced and costs are reduced, which makes the whole process of sealing the seam cheaper. Before installing the herringbone sealer, it is not necessary to clean the seam and process it with a primer. Compared to the sealant, the sealer can be easily replaced with a new one if necessary.

  • The seal is made of extruded PVC, flexible
  • suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • designed for use in separation and temperature joints
  • in floodplain industrial and concrete floors
  • it is used as an alternative to mastics
  • for sealing temperature and separation seams
  • allows you to significantly save installation time
  • Sold in bays of 100 m

The 10mm wide Protex sealing profile is an incredibly elastic material specially designed for filling expansion joints. Forget about complicated tools and waiting for concrete to dry. Our unique sealant easily fills the seam immediately after cutting it. No joint preparation or primer is required - simply install our herringbone seal and enjoy the safety and durability of your joint. Made from extruded PVC, our flexible seal is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Used in separation and expansion joints, also ideal for use in floodplain industrial and concrete floors. And most importantly, our sealant is an excellent alternative to mastics, which means it can significantly save time and money when sealing seams. After all, you no longer have to waste precious time searching for and using complex tools. Now you can protect your floors from dust, dirt and moisture with Protex sealant. Installation is easy and quick, and the product is sold in convenient 100 meter long coils. Don't waste time and money on other methods - choose the reliability of Protex for your seams.

Manufacturer: Ukraine

Material: PVC

Dimensions: 10.0;

Color: gray


Chemical resistance: resistant to alkaline solutions, acid solutions, detergents, animal and vegetable fats, steam cleaning

Protex Seam sealer 10mm, 100 meter roll: The advantages of Protex Seam seal 10mm, 100 meter roll are incomparable with other products on the market. This elastic material is intended for filling temperature-shrinkable seams, cut using a grinder or a joint cutter. Installation of Protex 10mm joint sealant is very simple - the joint is filled immediately after cutting and does not require additional time waiting for the optimal moisture content of the concrete to be achieved. And this means only one thing - reducing production times and reducing costs. This makes the entire seam sealing process much more economically feasible. Another advantage of Protex Seam Sealant 10mm is that before installation it is not necessary to clean the seam and treat it with a primer. This flexible seal is made from extruded PVC and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Protex Joint Sealant 10mm is designed for use in separation and expansion joints on floodplain industrial and concrete floors. It is an excellent alternative to mastics and is perfect for sealing expansion and separation joints. One of the key advantages of Protex Joint Sealant 10mm is its ability to significantly reduce installation time. In addition, it is sold in convenient coils of 100 meters in length, which makes the purchase economical and convenient. Make an excellent decision and choose Protex Joint Sealer 10mm for reliable, quality joint sealing with cost benefits!

An excellent solution for filling expansion joints - Protex sealing profile 10 mm wide. This elastic material is ideal for indoor and outdoor use. It performs its task perfectly in technically complex separation and expansion joints, especially in industrial and concrete floors. What makes the Protex seal particularly attractive is its easy and quick installation. The joint is filled immediately after cutting, and you will no longer waste time waiting for the correct moisture content of the concrete. In addition, it significantly reduces production time and costs, making the seam sealing process more economical. With Protex sealant, you will no longer waste time cleaning and treating the seam with primer. Its installation can be carried out without any preliminary preparation. And if replacement is necessary, the herringbone seal can be easily removed and replaced with a new one. Made from flexible extruded PVC, Protex seal is suitable for a wide range of applications and will provide a reliable seal in any separation or expansion joint. This is an excellent alternative to mastics and a reliable solution for sealing joints. Don't forget that Protex sealant is supplied in coils 100 meters long, which will help you carry out high-quality installation even on large objects. Get the reliable and convenient Protex seal now and relive an era in seam sealing.

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