Seam seal 4.2 mm, coil 200 meters

Elastic sealant designed for filling temperature-shrinkage joints, coil 200 meters

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The 4.2 mm sealing profile is an elastic material designed to fill a temperature-shrink seam, which is cut using a grinder or a seam cutter. It is easy to install, the seam is filled immediately after cutting, and there is no need to wait for the concrete to reach the required humidity. At the same time, production time is reduced and costs are reduced, which makes the whole process of sealing the seam cheaper. Before installing the herringbone sealer, it is not necessary to clean the seam and process it with a primer. Compared to the sealant, the sealer can be easily replaced with a new one if necessary.

  • The seal is made of extruded PVC, flexible
  • suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • designed for use in separation and temperature joints
  • in floodplain industrial and concrete floors
  • it is used as an alternative to mastics
  • for sealing temperature and separation joints
  • allows you to significantly save installation time
  • Sold in bays of 200 m

Protex Seam sealer 4.2 mm, 200 meter roll - the ideal solution for filling temperature-shrink joints quickly and efficiently. Our sealing profile is made from flexible extruded PVC, making it ideal for indoor and outdoor applications. Thanks to this, you can use it in both industrial and concrete floors. Our sealant is also an excellent alternative to mastics for sealing expansion and separation joints. It is simply cut with a grinder or jointer and fills the joint instantly, without having to wait for the concrete to dry. Installation of the herringbone seal is also very simple - there is no need to clean the seam or apply a primer. Plus, if you need to replace the seal, it can be done quickly and easily. Our seal coils are sold in lengths of 200 meters, which allows you to significantly save installation time. Protex Seam Sealer 4.2mm is your reliable partner in seam sealing, helping you cut costs and save time.

Manufacturer: Ukraine

Material: PVC


Color: gray

Bay: 200m

Chemical resistance: resistant to alkaline solutions, acid solutions, detergents, animal and vegetable fats, steam cleaning

Herringbone type sealant is a flexible material made of extruded PVC, designed for filling temperature-shrinkable joints that occur when using a joint cutter or grinder. This sealant is easy to install directly after cutting the joint, without having to wait until the concrete reaches a certain moisture content. Thus, production times are reduced and costs are reduced, which makes the seam sealing process more economical.

Unlike sealant, Herringbone sealant does not require pre-cleaning or primer treatment of the seam before installation. If necessary, it can be easily replaced with a new one, which makes the maintenance process more convenient and efficient.

Main characteristics of the seal:

  • Made of extruded PVC, highly flexible.
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Designed for use in separation and expansion joints on industrial and concrete floors.
  • It is an alternative to mastics for sealing expansion and separation joints.
  • Effectively reduces installation time due to its ease of use.
  • Sold in coils 200 meters long.

The herringbone seal is a reliable solution for ensuring the tightness of seams with minimal investment of time and resources.

The Protex sealing profile with a width of 4.2 mm is an innovative material that will change the idea of filling joints! Our seal is made of extruded PVC, has unique elasticity and ease of installation. Thanks to it, filling temperature-shrinkable joints will become easier and faster! Cutting a seam from a grinder or seam saw is all you need to get started. Application of the compactor after cutting does not require waiting time for the required moisture content of the concrete to be reached. You can immediately fill the seam and continue production. Thus, you significantly save time and reduce costs, which significantly reduces the cost of the entire seam sealing process. You don't have to waste time cleaning the grout and applying primer before installing the herringbone seal. We've cut out all the unnecessary steps so you can get the most out of our product. Our seal is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It is ideal for separation and expansion joints in industrial and concrete floors. You can forget about the difficulties associated with sealants and mastics - Protex sealant has become an excellent alternative! It allows you to quickly and easily seal expansion and separation joints. But that is not all! We offer compaction in convenient coils of 200 meters. This volume will provide you with a long period of use and significant savings. Don't delay, improve quality and speed up your grouting process with Protex 4.2mm sealant. Order it right now and see its reliability and ease of use!

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