Internal hydraulic gasket for working seams BP 240, PVC, blue, bay 20 m

Internal hydraulic joint for working seams

390,00 uah

Hydraulic shponds BP 240 are designed for waterproofing of working (technological) joints of concrete structures between a horizontal base plate and a vertical load-bearing wall, or formed during a break in concreting. Hydraulic taps are used in hydraulic structures: reservoirs, canals, dams, pools, etc., as well as for waterproofing joints of foundations, foundations, tunnels, multi-level parking lots and other underground structures. They are made of plasticized PVC-p polyvinyl chloride.

  • It is used when concreting monolithic reinforced concrete structures is interrupted
  • in particularly important structures, it is complemented by an external hydraulic gasket
  • the presence of ribs on the locking plane prevents the penetration of moisture into the structure
  • It can be used in structures with special requirements to ensure tightness
  • withstands high water pressure inside and outside
  • with ease of installation, it is suitable for all types of structures
  • It is supplied in rolls of 20 m.p.

Установка шпонки внутренней серии ВР A внутренняя

The Protex hydraulic shutter BP 240 is a reliable solution for waterproofing the working seams of concrete structures. With its help, it is easy and effective to protect hydraulic structures, foundations, tunnels and other underground facilities from moisture penetration. Advantages of the Protex BP 240 hydraulic shingle: 1. Versatility: the hydraulic shingle can be used during a break in concreting of monolithic reinforced concrete structures, as well as in particularly important structures, complementing it with an external hydraulic shingle. 2. Perfect sealing: the presence of ribs on the locking plane provides reliable protection from moisture, preventing it from penetrating into the structure. 3. Compliance with special requirements: the hydraulic gasket can be used in structures with special tightness requirements. 4. High strength: the hydraulic shutter withstands high water pressure both inside and outside the structure. 5. Ease of installation: the hydraulic shutter is easy to install and suitable for all types of structures. The Protex BP 240 water slide is supplied in rolls 20 meters long, which allows you to ensure maximum convenience when using. Reliable waterproofing and ease of installation make the Protex BP 240 water slide the best choice to protect your structures from moisture and preserve their strength for many years.

Protex Hydraulic gasket BP 240 is an indispensable product for waterproofing joints and structures. It is designed specifically for hydraulic structures such as reservoirs, canals, dams, pools and other similar facilities. Due to its unique composition of plasticized PVC-p polyvinyl chloride, it provides reliable tightness and protection from moisture. The BP 240 hydraulic spring can be used not only for hydraulic structures, but also for other underground facilities such as foundations, tunnels, parking lots and much more. It is ideal for breaking concreting, providing reliable waterproofing of monolithic structures. The special design of the hydraulic shutter, with ribs on the locking plane, prevents moisture from entering the structure, providing a high degree of tightness. The product is also able to withstand high water pressure, both from the inside and from the outside, providing reliable protection against moisture penetration. The installation of the BP 240 hydraulic shutter is very simple, it is suitable for all types of structures. Each bay is supplied in rolls 20 meters long. For special requirements and additional tightness, the BP 240 hydraulic gasket can be supplemented with an external hydraulic gasket. Do not risk the reliability and safety of your structures - choose a tested and high-quality BP 240 Hydraulic gasket from Protex.

How do I install a hydraulic shutter?

The hydraulic shutter is installed in the design position, so that the middle of the hydraulic shutter is located in the center of the intended seam.
The fastening is made directly to the formwork. Holes for fasteners are allowed to be made only in the extreme zone of the hydraulic gasket, behind the extreme anchor. The mounting pitch is 200-300 mm, symmetrically on both sides. Additional fastening is also performed to the reinforcement frame with knitting wire. The connection of the key is made by welding, by heating the ends of the key in a special conductor (for each key there is an individual conductor) or using an industrial hair dryer or a flat heating element. The temperature of the spike is about 200 ° C (selected experimentally). To connect the dowels by the "cold" method, glue is used, for example, a one-component paste-like glue based on
silane modified polymer Innoellast.

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