The deformation seam is an important element in the construction of the building, which redistributes the loads on the structural elements. Depending on the technical solution of the structure, temperature, shrinkage or seismic seams are used. Temperature seams divide the building into compartments from ground level to the roof, without affecting the foundation, which is below ground level. Shrinkage seams are made in the walls of monolithic frame structures. Monolithic walls decrease in volume during hardening. Shrink seams prevent the appearance of cracks. The deformation profile consists of aluminum guides and frost-resistant rubber. With the help of such profiles, dirt is prevented from entering the seam, which ensures water resistance and resistance to wear during operation. The ease of installation of these profiles and durability in operation is guaranteed by the quality of the products, since the deformation profiles are made of frost-resistant rubber based on ethylene propylene rubber and are resistant to ozone, ultraviolet, oil, gasoline and salt. In case of wear, the seal can be easily replaced. Deformation profiles in width come in different sizes: 20 mm, 50 mm, 85 mm, 100 mm. The technical specialists of our company make calculations and draw up wiring diagrams depending on the loads and operational characteristics of the room. In the case of high loads, the structure may consist of steel guides, in which the sealing profile is tightly mounted.

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