Уплотнитель В 40 серый


The sealer B 40 grey is used for sealing joints between various elements of buildings in concrete panels, facades, in all types of walls. Completely replaces mastics, easily compresses, has a high ability to compensate for changes in the width of the seam, has a simple installation. The sealer is resistant to climatic mechanical influences, in comparison with a polyurethane sealant, which significantly increases the service life. It can be used in industrial, technical structures, as well as in civil construction for sealing expansion joints in floors, walls and ceilings. It is also possible to use for sealing the external expansion joints of building facades in a bonded facade.


- for decorative design of compression seams;

- often used in the construction of prefabricated panels, facades and walls;

- easy to compress;

- with good recovery properties;

- easy to install;

- covers the chipped edges of the seam.

Sold in bays of 25 m.