Уплотнитель швов 7мм

The sealing profile is an elastic material intended for filling the temperature-shrinkage seam, which is cut with a grinder or a seam cutter. 
It is easy to install, the joint is filled immediately after cutting, and you do not need to wait for the concrete to reach the required humidity. At the same time, production time is reduced and costs are reduced, which makes the entire process of sealing the joint cheaper.
Before installing the herringbone sealer, you do not need to clean the seam and treat it with a primer. Compared to the sealer, the sealer can be easily replaced with a new one if necessary.
The seal is made of extruded PVC, flexible, suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It is intended for use in separation and temperature joints, in floodplain industrial and concrete floors.
The sealing profile is used as an alternative to mastics, for sealing temperature and separation joints. Allows you to significantly save installation time.
Sold in bays of 100 m.