PNSV-1,2 wire

For heating monolithic concrete in winter


The PNSV-1,2 wire with a steel core and with polyvinyl chloride insulation is designed for heating monolithic concrete, and is also used in floor heaters that operate under 380 V AC. It is also used for heating industrial facilities in the oil and gas industry. At a low temperature of concrete from 5 ° C and below, there is a need for uniform heating of concrete for better solidification. Currently, heating concrete with a heating wire is the most common. The reasons for this are the relatively low cost of the wire. In addition, the heating wire has an undeniable advantage over heating mats - all the heat released by the wire passes directly into the concrete body. PNSV wire can be used to warm up any structures, including the floor, but most often it is used for heat treatment of floors, stairwells and marches.

  • AC voltage up to 380V
  • The estimated length of the wire section at a voltage of 220 V is 110 m
  • Specific heat dissipation capacity for reinforced structures: 30-35 W/p. m
  • Recommended supply voltage: 55-70 V
  • The average value of the resistance of the core: 0.15 ohms / m
  • Specific power: 1.5-2.5 kW/m3
  • Consumption of PNSV 1.2 mm wire: 50-60 p. m./m3 of concrete
  • Thermos holding cycle of structures: 1-3 days 


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