PPE elastic sealing harness

For filling expansion joints in the construction of industrial floors, for filling joints in the installation of windows, doors, for filling inter-panel joints in the construction of buildings

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from 1,50 uah
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Thermal insulation harnesses are made of high-pressure polyethylene using foaming substances, in the form of a solid cylindrical harness.
The good elasticity of foamed polyethylene is maintained at the lowest temperatures and does not deteriorate over time.

Basic properties:

  • high thermal insulation
  • low thermal conductivity
  • high resistance to moisture penetration
  • elasticity
  • endurance
  • lightness
  • flexibility
  • manufacturability of installation
  • durability
  • compatibility with other building materials

Application:thermal insulation and waterproofing of panel joints in the construction of buildings and structures

  • insulation and sealing of window and door openings
  • sound insulation of walls and ceilings
  • sealing material in expansion joints
  • repair of inter-panel seams
  • for packaging


Density 25-50 kg/m.k
operating temperature range   -80 to 95°C

Coefficient of thermal conductivity

 not more than 0.038 W/m•K
sound absorption coefficient B=0,04
heat transfer resistance R=0.8 - 1.2 sq.m.*S/W
water absorption in 24 hours 2.5-3% by weight
relative residual deformation under compression by 25% no more than 7.5%
relative residual deformation under compression by 50% more than 15%
dielectric constant at a current frequency of 10 Hz 1,15 - 1,18
vapor permeability coefficient M=0.001 mg/mchpa (for foil laminated canvas

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