HDPE/LDPE Membrane HDPE/LDPE Membrane

Waterproofing membranes with a thickness of 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm

780 UAH
Wholesale price 600 UAH from 500 м²

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HDPE/LDPE Membranes are waterproofing membranes formed by processing polyethylene raw materials of different densities in extruders and giving them a uniform shape, which serve as an excellent geosynthetic barrier and prevent liquid ingress.The products are produced with a thickness of 0.80 - 3 mm, a width of 5.90-7 m or the required width and length.There are two types of membranes: HDPE Membrane is rigid, resistant to mechanical damage. LDPE Membrane is elastic. HDPE/LDPE membranes are completely self-waterproofing. Connecting with each other by welding, they form a single web that reliably protects any surface (vertical, horizontal) from the penetration of liquids and gases. The membrane can be laid on any surface: soil, concrete, crushed stone, sand, etc. It is used in private and industrial construction.Properties of membranes: water resistance, gas tightness, high resistance to temperature ranges, resistance to UV radiation, resistance to chemicals and aggressive environments, high physical and mechanical strength (for pushing, stretching, compression and rupture)

  • Landfills of solid household waste
  • Toxic waste storage sites
  • Landfills for the collection of medical waste, GOK sludge waste, TPP ash waste
  • Artificial reservoirs, ornamental ponds, swimming pools
  • Reclamation channels and irrigation channels
  • Tanks, containers for drinking water
  • Dams, dams and reservoirs
  • Metro, tunnels, underpasses
  • Road construction (arrangement of roadsides and gutters)
  • Waterproofing of retaining walls to protect them from collapses
  • Private construction (waterproofing of foundations)

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