Heat-treated geotextile


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Heat–treated geotextile is a non-woven material that is produced from synthetic fibers by the needle-punched method and is subjected to heat treatment.
As a result of heat treatment, the fibers are sealed, forming a strong layer, withstands a heavy load on pushing and stretching.

At the same time, the filtering abilities are preserved only in the transverse direction.

Heat-treated geotextile performs the following functions:Separation

  • Reinforcement
  • Filtering
  • Protection
  • Gain
  • Drainage

The technical data of the material allow the use of heat-treated geotextile:when installing hydraulic structures

  • when installing an inversion roof
  • in the construction of roads and railways
  • in landscaping and landscape design
  • when installing drainage systems

and also in other areas:in the clothing and footwear industry

  • in furniture production

Due to the fact that the material is made exclusively of synthetic fibers, it is resistant to rodents and insects, does not rot and is resistant to thermal oxidative agingSpecifications:

Roll width: 2m

Winding – 100 p.m (50 p.m)

* Heat-treated geotextile is released only in multiples of 1 roll.


Is it possible to use heat-treated geotextile to strengthen slopes?

If the primary task is to strengthen and reinforce the slopes, then it is worth giving preference to heat-treated geotextile with a density of 200-350 g/m2.Such geotextile retains drainage and filtering properties, but, at the same time, is much more durable for puncture and tear. The choice of density is influenced by parameters such as the steepness of the slopes, soil stability and the presence of groundwater. The greater the degree of slope, the stronger the geotextile is needed. In combination with a volumetric geogrid and other gabions, geotextile will prevent the destruction of slopes and is an excellent drainage material.

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